Benefits of Buying a Property through a Self Managed Super Fund

Writen by: on July 20, 2012

Since reading my previous comments regarding the importance of super I hope you have taken the time to think about your super. Where it is, how much is in there and how is it invested?

Many people have bought investment properties and sold them due to the changing lifestyle and circumstances. The reality is that property is a long term investment. It needs a long term commitment. What better place than through super. The option of buying property directly through a Self Managed Super Fund is an option that should be considered.

Here are Five great advantages of buying through a Self Managed Super Fund.

1. The rent if only taxed at a rate of 15%

2. Capital Gains tax usual payable on the sale of the asset can be eliminated in some instances or reduced to very little

3. Your employer contributions and rent in most cases will pay for any mortgage and costs associated with the property

4. It is a form of asset protection

5. Self-Employed people are able to buy a commercial property through their super that their business then rents

Super is one, if not your biggest asset, give it some thought as to where it is being invested.

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