Debt Consolidation

Writen by: on August 23, 2012

More often I am meeting clients who are feeling financial pressure in their household. This happens due to many reasons, sometimes the loss of a job, the expansion of the family, a failed business or large unexpected expenses. When we meet they have been going through months sometimes years of juggling. Making payments to different credit facilities and lenders at different times of the month and moving money around to make sure they don’t go into default.

Looking for a solution to this mounting debt and problem can seem too great, yet the pain of searching may result in great relief for your household.

When should you start looking for a solution?

* if you have a credit card balance that you are unable to pay down for more than 6 months

* if you are paying interest rates higher than 10%

* if you are struggling to maintain your debt repayments as well as living

Using the equity in your home may be the best option to relieve your stress and get your household back on track.

How does a mortgage debt consolidation help me?

* You can use the equity in your home to pay out all personal credit and reduce your monthly commitments

* The term of your loan can be extended so that your monthly repayments are reduced

* You can release equity in your property to pay for expenses instead of putting them in high interest products

* If you are managing your current personal debt repayments well currently you can consolidate them into your home loan to take advantage of cheaper interest rates and continue to make the same monthly repayments. This will help to pay off your loan faster.

My biggest tip for debt consolidation is don’t wait until it is too late. Facing the debt and the reality of the situation will lead to a solution. Having defaults on any repayments will make it more difficult to get a better loan organised.

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