Getting your house ready for property valuations

Writen by: on June 22, 2012

Whether you are wanting to tap into the equity in your home or sell it to move onto your next property making sure you are ready for the inspection is important.

Here are our top five tips for getting your property ready –

1. First impressions start when you stand out the front of the property. Weeding your garden, water blasting and sweeping can make a big difference. Consider making small improvements to your garden – planting some fragrant herbs, flowers to brighten the garden and useful outdoor furniture that showcases the use of the outdoor space.

2. Cleaning out unnecessary clutter can provide the illusion of more space, as well as allow buyers to picture their furniture in the space. A great excuse for a clean out.

3. Make minor repairs throughout the house. This could be as simple as changing a squeaky hinge on a door to fixing a hole in the wall. A building report will reveal many negative things about your property, improving the aesthetics of the property will improve the buyer and valuers opinion.

4. Spring clean the inside of the house. Focus on bathrooms and kitchens – they should sparkle. Hang fresh towels in the bathroom, dust the house regularly and hide all the dirty washing!

5. Consider painting parts of the house that are dated or well worn. Using a neutral colour will be appealing. Painting is a relatively cheap way to freshen up the look of a house, especially after the cracks have been repaired in the walls.

Giving your property the best presentation in a cost effective manner will help to ensure that you achieve your greatest sale price or property valuation. When looking at your property scrutinise it from a buyers perspective.


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