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Writen by: on October 3, 2014

The prospect of selling real estate is something that should be well thought out, with the pro’s and con’s weighed up. This would be the technically correct advice that I would give to a client. The longer the conversation went on with that client I would find out their reasons and motivations. Their goals and lifestyle needs. This would help to determine what steps they should take next in their real estate journey. Then the truth comes out, the emotions and desires of the individuals. These certainly seem to be a driving force, much stronger that facts, dollars and figures. Only last night a client contacted me with news of a potential new purchase. His reason to sell and purchase a new home, wanting to live closer to the beach that had less people around and where he could let his dog run off the leash. The right property and area would lead to his emotional happiness.

Apparently it is much easier to give advice to others and share their journey, when selling became a desire of mine, I instantly realised how difficult a decision this really was. What were my reasons to sell I asked myself. I had taken over my marital home in my separation settlement. There were many good and not so good memories filled in each room of the house and around the property. At times they spoke to me. Especially when I was at home alone, without my boys, due to shared custody. The echoes of conversations with my ex-husband were not haunting me, but they were certainly reminding me of a door that was now closed in my life a little too often.

My reason to sell was certainly emotional, so the accountant in me set out to work on numbers, forecasts and scenarios in order to make this a factual decision. Where would I move to next? What would I sell for? How would my boys react? How would my ex react? Were all questions spiralling through my mind. The decision was clear to me. I needed to sell. Take a leap of faith and put myself in the hands of a real estate agent and for once become the vendor and not the purchaser.

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A qualified tax accountant and business specialist, Barbara brings a unique skill set to her clients as a finance broker. Barbara’s desire to work with people and help them achieve their goals is what initially led her to the finance industry over eight years ago. She has a genuine desire to share her expertise and experience with clients while simultaneously supporting charitable organizations and community events. Barbara’s favorite saying is: “The real secret of happiness is not what you have or what you receive; it’s what you share.” You can find her on Google+ and facebook or write to her at